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Jack's Useful Links

Following are links to businesses run by personal friends of mine. Each is a person of the highest integrity, who knows how to work with people to meet their needs. These are not paid advertisements; I post them free, as a favor to you, and to those listed. 


Home Inspections

Tom Schlotter is a long-time personal friend of mine. He does the most modern, thorough home inspections of anyone I know of. His coverage area is Connecticut and the northern suburbs of New York City.

Need credit for a good used vehicle? 

Apply for Auto Financing Fast!  Jim England, the president of The J.D. Byrider Advertising Group, is as warm and caring a human being as you're ever likely to meet. If you  need help financing a vehicle, make Jim & company your first stop.

Love the Beatles? You'll love The Beatles Faux!

I've heard a lot of Beatles cover bands, but these guys are by far the best. The solo voices are all good reproductions of originals; the harmonies are excellent and accurate, and the George Harrison guitar licks are perfect! If you want a great Beatles band for your affair or venue, contact these guys. - Jack.
Here's the link to their website:




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