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Jack Adamo's Insiders PLUS is an exclusive e-mail newsletter containing market insights, as well as Jack's recommendations of exceptional values in growth stocks, special situations, and Insider gems.

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Insiders PLUS comes from a strong heritage of successful investing. From its first issue in December of 1996 through the last issue in April of 2000, Jack's paper-based newsletter achieved an average gain on recommendations of 30.9% for an average holding period of 11.8 months. Despite the fact that the newsletter did not specialize in takeover candidates or buy "rumor" stocks, 19% of Jack's stocks were taken over or had buyout offers.

Insiders PLUS has even more to offer than its paper predecessor. Aside from getting Jack's strong stock picks, long-term investors will be walked through every phase of asset allocation and portfolio maintenance. Short-term traders will especially like "The Trader," a feature dedicated to finding short-term plays with superior upside potential and limited downside risk. It's all in your e-mail box at least twice a week, and you'll get an update on each recommended stock every time something important happens. Full access to our back issue archive is also provided.

Circulation is limited to 3,000 subscribers. When available, subscriptions are $300 per year, or two years for $500.

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